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These Frequently Asked Questions and Answers are geared toward the end user.
For dealer-specific questions, contact Fanimation directly.





Q: How can I find out the price of the fan I want?

A: Please go to and click on Find an Authorized Dealer they can help with a price.

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Q: I live in an area/country where Fanimation does not have any dealers nearby. How can I place an order?

A: If you live in an area in the United States that does not have a local dealer, you can call Fanimation customer service (888.567.2055) for dealer location.

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Q: Does Fanimation have damp location fans?  Are your fans intended for outdoor use?

A: Fanimation has several models designed for damp location, which are available only in specific finishes. These fans have been specially designed for locations that are damp or humid, such as porches, verandas, waterfront homes and patios. However, even with fan models that are designed for Damp Locations, the outlet box and the fan itself must be completely under cover and not exposed directly to water spray or rain. Fans that are designed for Damp Locations are not meant to be used outdoors or in wet locations. If looking for an outdoor (wet) fan, we have those available as well.

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Q: What blades are recommended for fans that are designed for Damp Locations?

A: The blade sets we recommend for fans that are designed for Damp Locations are the woven bamboo (any color/shape) or any composite blade. The only blade we would specifically discourage for use in damp locations is the natural palm leaf blade.

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Q: Can any Fanimation fans be operated by a remote control?

A: All Fanimation fans can use remotes except for the: Bourbon Street, Fargo, Fitzgerald, The Arden, The Punkah, and The Palmetto.

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Q: Can I reverse the fan with my handheld remote control or wall control?

A: Most fans can all be reversed using the hand-held remote or wall control. Any fan with out a manual reversing switch can be reversed with remote. Not all wall controls have reversing capabilities.

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Q: Which fan/blade combination provides maximum air movement?

A: The more narrow blades (e.g., the standard oar and the narrow oval) provide a greater amount of airflow. The use of 22"-26" wood blades also increases airflow.

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Q: How should I clean the blades on my fan?

A: Dust them regularly with a feather duster or soft dusting brush (Natural Palm). Because of their coating and durability, the Bamboo, Wood, and composite blades can be cleaned with a clean, damp cloth.

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Q: What’s the difference between DAMP rating and WET rating?

A: DAMP rating requirements: (Interior locations protected from weather and subject to moderate degrees of moisture, such as basements, barns, cold storage warehouses, screened in or covered porch, etc…. not in direct rain):

  • Stainless Steel hardware throughout the fan.
  • Metal parts are treated prior to painting to resist possible rusting.
  • No plated finishes, only painted finishes.
  • All surfaces of metal parts are painted.
  • We recommend plastic blades for DAMP rated fans.

WET rating requirements: (Location unprotected and exposed to the weather. You can spray a wet rated fan off with a garden hose, or have in direct rain); Check our main site for more information:

  • All damp requirements apply.
  • Different motor is required. Motor with no vent holes “totally enclosed”.
  • Downrod to fan connection must be watertight so water does not pass down thru the motor shaft.
  • Plastic (or other weather resistant) blades required.
  • Wiring connections inside switch cup require crimps wrapped with plastic bag. No molex plugs or wire nuts.
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Q: What is the warranty on my Fanimation fan?

A: All Fanimation fans have a limited lifetime warranty. Please refer to: Our technical support department may be reached at 1-888-567-2055 to assist you with diagnosing and resolving any technical issues with our products.

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Q: Which Fanimation fans accept a light kit or fitter?

A: All Fanimation fans except for: The ExtraordinaireTM, The MareaTM, The Old Havana®, The Torrento®, The Palmetto®, and The Punkah®.

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Q: Are light bulbs included with Fanimation light kits?

A: Yes, all light kits and fitters have light bulbs included.

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Q: Is a downrod and/or extension pole included with every Fanimation fan?

A: No, the ceiling fans that do not include downrods are The Palmetto®, The Bourbon Street®, The Punkah®, The Brewmaster®, The Palisade®, The InletTM, The Loreto BayTM, and The Americana®.

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Q: What is the advantage of using a DC ceiling fan?

A: The DC fans generate more power and torque than conventional ceiling fan motors while consuming 70% of the power. They are virtually silent. They require less electrical current by utilizing an internal array of magnets of opposing polarity. Most of our DC fans are energy star rated which will help with electrical costs.

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Q: Do you have any DC motor ceiling fans?

A: Yes, give us a call or look over our main site.

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Q: Do your DC fans come with remotes?

A: All of our DC fans come with a hand-held remote and optional wall controls are available.

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Q. Where can I find the owner's manual and the specification sheet for your products?

A: Please go to or Call: 888.567.2055

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Q: What does CFM rating mean when refering to a ceiling fan?

A: Ceiling fan air movement is measured in CFM's (Cubic Feet per Minute). The greater the CFM, the more air the fan is moving.

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